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Des Moines Reflexology strives to be accessible to all.  I have listed some common concerns below.  If this does not answer your accessibility needs, please reach out to me at  

Building Information

Building has many parking spots, including two disabled vehicle parking spots right at the entrance, however they are narrow and may be difficult for a wheelchair user with a side lift.

From the front entrance to Suite 109, the walkway is all level, with no steps or ramps.  Inside Suite 109 is also level surface. There are two doors to navigate, they do not have automatic openers.

Bathrooms are located on the same level, and are appropriate for wheelchairs users.

Room Set Up

Clients must transfer to massage table on their own or with help of an aide.  I am not strong enough to lift clients nor am I trained in proper techniques.

The massage table supports well over 500 lbs, however, if you have a larger body, you may find it is the width of the massage table can be uncomfortable.  It's a bit narrower than a twin size bed and larger clients tend to find their arms aren't able to rest comfortably on the table and often tuck their hands under their legs or cross arms.

I have a variety of pillows and bolsters to support most body needs, such as sitting more upright during the session, or supporting an arm, etc.  My goal is for your body to have the support it needs so that you can totally relax and let the table support you.

The massage table is oriented to that client can always see the door.  There are no windows in the room.


I use Alba Botanicals Very Emollient Original lotion. It is hypo-allergenic, vegan, and not tested on animals.  If you have sensitive skin, you may bring your own hand lotion to session however it may alter slightly my touch as different lotions have different glide or evaporation rates.

Linens are laundered using eco-friendly, unscented soaps.  If you would like to bring you own twin sheet set or blanket, I am happy to use your linens instead.

Although I do not use essential oils or incense in my office space, the other therapists in other rooms do.  The office is also professionally cleaned using standard cleaning products, so there may be a light scent in the air.


I am not wearing a mask in session unless requested.  Of course, I am happy to comply.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Des Moines Reflexology welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ rainbow.  You're free to be you, without judgement.


I am happy to accommodate requests regarding the sound in the room.  Generally I play atmospheric music, but I am happy to play your music, or no music at all.  If you would prefer to wear your own headphones, that's fine too.

Feel free to fidget or stim as needed.  If the reflexology is overstimulating, we can always pause the session so you can rest or walk or whatever you need.  

Lighting in the room can also be changed to match your need.  I have bright overhead florescence, soft mood lighting, a candle and a constellation light projector.  We can turn any of these on or off to create the right atmosphere for you.

Parents, Companions, Caregivers

Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.  

All parents, companions or caregivers are given the option to remain in the reflexology room during session, or wait for the client in our lobby area.  We ask that if you do remain in the room with client, that you remain silent to allow client the chance to fully relax and perhaps fall asleep.  Consider bringing a book, magazine or other silent activity for your waiting time.

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