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About Christine

Picture of Christine, the National Board Certified Reflexologist. She is smiling.

National Board Certified Reflexologist

Iowa State Licensed Massage Therapist #119626

Christine earned her Certificate of Mastery in Reflexology from the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center in November 2011. She has received world-class reflexology instruction by teachers from the Puget Sound Area as well as respected instructors from California, Florida, Spain, England and Denmark.  

In January 2013 she became nationally certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), which conducts lengthy written and hands-on testing to ensure that reflexologists across the country are held to the same high standards. 

Christine is also a member of Washington Reflexology Association (WRA), Reflexology Association of Iowa (RAIA) and Reflexology Association of America (RAA). Christine served as Treasurer for WRA in 2013-15 and 2018-2020.

After discovering Thai Foot Massage, Christine completed her massage therapy course at Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in 2016 in order to provide this service to clients. In 2020, Christine earned the title of Reiki Master under the guidance of Eileen Dey Wurst at the Reiki Training Program in Seattle. 

Christine moved to Des Moines in 2023.

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